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    I pray this article will touch you in the deepest parts of your heart, bringing peace, healing and encouragement.


    The Word of the Lord says, ‘let not your hearts be troubled’.


    Many are the challenges of life at the moment across our Nation and around the world but God wants you to know, ‘you are not alone, you are valuable and precious in His sight’ and HE is in control. He LONGS to reveal Himself in tangible ways that are meaningful to YOU. He has the answers to your most pressing questions – they are all found in ‘God’s handbook for life’ the Holy Bible.


    I personally have recently found His comfort and encouragement in Psalm 25 (TPT). Maybe this is your prayer today. ‘Lord, direct me throughout my journey so I can experience Your plans for my life. Reveal the life-paths that are pleasing to You. Escort me along the way, take me by the hand and teach me O God of my increasing salvation, I have wrapped my heart into yours! Forgive my failures, overlook the sins of my immaturity. Give me grace Lord! Always look at me through Your eyes of love – Your forgiving eyes of mercy and compassion’.


    Perhaps this is more how you’re feeling – from Psalm 34 – ‘I cried to the Lord in my distress and He answered me! He freed me from all my fears! Gaze upon Him, join your life with His and joy will come! I cried out to the Lord and He heard me, bringing His miracle deliverance when I needed it most. The angels stooped down to listen as I prayed, encircling me, empowering me, and showing me how to escape. He gives to all who turn to hide themselves in Him. Those who passionately pursue the Lord will never lack any good thing.




    I lovingly exhort you to draw near to God today! It will be the wisest decision you ever make.


    As we approach Christmas once again. I pray that we would remember that the ‘reason for the season’ is Jesus Christ! Maybe we can re-visit the wondrous foundational truth of the message of the Gospel of John 3:16 ‘God SO LOVED the world that He GAVE His only Son that WHOEVER BELIEVES IN HIM should not perish BUT HAVE eternal life’. V 15, ‘God did not send His Son into the world TO CONDEMN the world, but that the world THROUGH HIM might be SAVED.

    Out of God’s great love for human kind, He sent His own Son that we might be RE-CONNECTED TO THE SOURCE and once again enjoy that intimate relationship in which is found all wisdom, knowledge and direction for life. In our own strength we will NEVER be perfect – that’s why we need a Savior! It’s in this sincere acknowledgement we have a place to begin. In THAT place, we no longer look to ‘self’, but have an INNER KNOWING THERE IS ‘ONE FAR GREATER THAN I’ Who has the perfect and most successful blueprint for my life. One who wants to keep me from serious mistakes and futile decisions FOR MY OWN SAKE – not a ‘spoilsport’ but A LOVING TRUSTWORTHY FATHER WHO HAS MY BEST INTERESTS AT HEART! One, Who BY HIS MIGHTY POWERFUL WORD promises to to heal my life spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically if we will only turn to Him with our whole heart. ONE WHO PROMISES TO FORGIVE EVERYTHING I’ve ever done wrong, (no matter how bad) and give me a brand new start.

    As you read this letter, I wonder if you might find yourself on your knees in the privacy of your own home, saying out loud from a genuine heart:

    ‘Lord Jesus, I acknowledge that I have ‘missed the mark’ (sinned) and gone my own selfish way. I have hurt many. Please forgive me. I invite You into my heart right now to be my personal Lord and Saviour. Cleanse me from ALL my former wrongdoing. I pray that You establish Yourself on the throne of my life from this day forward. LEAD AND GUIDE ME INTO ALL TRUTH according to Your Word and Your wisdom that I might not stray from You. Amen


    This is just the beginning of a life long journey of rich assurance and contentment knowing you are ‘right with God’. None of us know what tomorrow will bring. (I vividly remember the day I got on my knees beside my bed and sincerely prayed that simple prayer from the depth of my heart). If you prayed that prayer and would like a Bible to continue your journey, please email me as below.

    As we continue to pray for the rains that are coming, I pray that the Lord will be ‘the lifter of your head’ and a ‘shield of protection’ around you. May you be sustained with courage and fortitude as you press on in this journey called life, knowing GOD LOVES YOU, CARES ABOUT YOU AND IS WATCHING OVER YOU.

    MAY YOU SENSE HIS DEEP UNCONDITIONAL LOVE AND KNOW THAT HIS HEART IS ‘FOR YOU, NOT AGAINST YOU’. May His peace and undisturbed composure be your portion.


    May the blessings of God be upon you as we come into this Christmas season.


    Lovingly always,





    Pastor Liz Howland (formerly Liz Collins of “Wandilla”, Marlborough) Liz was born into a pioneering Central Queensland rural family. Her passion is to see our Nation come to the life transforming knowledge of Jesus Christ, to convey the message that God’s life giving Word, (the Bible) is as relevant today as it was 2000 years ago, and how to practically apply God’s principles in everyday life.

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