• Stop! We’re going the wrong way!

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    I’m hearing so many reports of answered prayer – God turning seemingly impossible situations around is becoming increasingly common!

    It gives me no joy to bring this message I am about to bring. It is out of great love for our Nation and compassion, love and mercy for its people I say, ‘STOP! WE’RE GOING THE WRONG WAY! I believe our Nation is at a tipping point between GOOD v EVIL and this is our final chance to ‘CHOOSE THIS DAY WHOM WE WILL SERVE’! We do not need more Government control; we need more ‘self control’. We do not need more Governmental intrusion in our personal lives, we desperately need a resurgence of Biblical principles as exhorted in (Jeremiah 6:16) ‘Ask for the eternal paths, where the good old way is and walk in it. Then you will find rest for your souls.’ Herein lies the solution to all of the woes of our beautiful Nation that our forefathers so courageously and sacrificially established and defended. We desperately need to seek every facet of the amazing wisdom contained in the precious Holy Bible, (God’s Handbook for life); to allow it once again to be the benchmark and plumb line for all decisions both personally and nationally.

    As we gear up for yet another Federal election, we are hearing empty rhetoric ‘ad nauseum’ and militant minority groups seeking to dictate how our Nation should function. Historically, great civilizations that rose and fell have followed the same pattern – God fearing, industrious, then prosperous, opulent, decadent and then extinct.

    The ‘good news’ is it is not too late! We are not powerless!


    Rather than engaging in strong minded discussion with like minded friends that achieves very little, my prayer is that the silent majority would begin to rise up and pray! Proverbs 14:34 says, ‘Uprightness and right standing with God (moral and spiritual rectitude in every area and relationship) elevates a Nation, but sin (missing the mark/flagrant disobedience) is a reproach to any people’.  Rectitude means morality, principle, honor, virtue, decency, justice, integrity, goodness, honesty incorruptibility, uprightness, correctness.

    2 Chronicles 7:14 says, ‘If My people, who are called by My Name, will humble themselves and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, forgive their sin and heal their land’. It begins with us, individually and corporately. In areas where all of us have ‘fallen short’, it is as simple as saying, ‘Lord Jesus, I’m so sorry for the areas I’ve sinned against you, please forgive me, by Your grace, turn me around to represent You in a way that brings honor to Your Name’. Amen.

    Currently the pre-selection process for candidates for the Federal election is taking place. I fervently pray that God’s favor and wisdom will rest upon those aspiring candidates who have the courage to stand for that ‘righteousness that exalts a Nation’.

    The Bible has a stern warning for us disregarding Godly principles in Isaiah 5:20 ‘WOE to those who call evil good, and good, evil’. WOE (deep distress, misery, wretchedness, misfortune and calamity)! There is a great deal of weightiness in that Scripture. Instinctively we know there will be a great price to pay for disregarding God’s warnings that are only there to protect man from his own futility.  I pray for Godly wisdom for those politicians already elected, that they would have visitation in the night hours that would adjust their perspective to line up with the Word of God – when they are perplexed on how to handle a matter in their areas of responsibility, they would turn to the time proven wisdom of the Holy Bible and answers would freely come.  I pray that God would open the eyes of their spiritual understanding, give them wisdom far and beyond the wisdom of man, but wisdom of the eternal kind that will remain strong through the test of time and bear ‘good fruit.’

    You may be one who never thought that you could make a difference praying for the elected leaders. The Bible requires of us to ‘pray for those in authority’. Your most simple prayer from an honest heart is pleasing to God. When you see disturbing news reports on a matter, choose not to be disturbed by it! Have faith! Allow your concern to be a catalyst to pray, ‘I thank You Lord that our Nation is in the palm of Your hand, that You rule and reign over Australia, nothing is too difficult for you to reverse, You are well able to perfect ALL that concerns us. May Your plans and purposes prevail above the plans of man’. Amen

    If we fail to pray we will get the Government we deserve as the result of a ‘prayerless’ generation. The Government we vote into power is the reflection of its people. Our quality of life spiritually, economically and morally will continue to decline, we will continue daily to be more alarmed by what we seeing in our society.

    IF however, we choose to say ‘ENOUGH IS ENOUGH’, if we stand together and pray we will literally see manifest before our eyes, ‘a standard of righteousness’ being raised up that will astonish us. As a result, though we are a comparatively small Nation, we will be a powerful, clean, free and vibrant Nation with a global influence that unashamedly reflects obedience to the powerful principles of Almighty God.

    I pray this letter will bring fresh resolve to each one of us to stand up for all that is right and good and honorable so that the peace of God will rule and reign in our hearts always.



    Pastor Liz Howland (formerly Liz Collins of “Wandilla”, Marlborough) Liz was born into a pioneering Central Queensland rural family. Her passion is to see our Nation come to the life transforming knowledge of Jesus Christ, to convey the message that God’s life giving Word, (the Bible) is as relevant today as it was 2000 years ago, and how to practically apply God’s principles in everyday life.

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