• For my friends in the bush, in country towns of rural Australia

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    As I prayerfully sit to write this letter which mainly goes out to my friends in the bush, on properties, in country towns and the highways and byways of rural Australia, I feel God’s heart for our Nation. I’d like to speak to that spirit inside of you that is capable of ‘digging deep’ and to offer for your consideration, another dimension to that strength which I have tested and proven and relied upon over many years. His (God Almighty’s) strength and the power of His Word.

    All of us have experienced times when disappointment strikes. Times when things have not worked out as we’d envisaged – times when all human strength fails us, times when it seems all hell has broken loose around us. At this precise point it is the time to heed and refocus on the words in Psalm 61:2. ‘From the ends of the earth I call to You, as my heart grows faint, lead me to the Rock which is higher than I’.  There is such a relief that accompanies such a prayer.

    You might be feeling more like King David in Psalm 142:3 when he was holed up in a cave fleeing from his enemies and said, ‘When my spirit was overwhelmed within me, You knew my path in the way I should walk’. God knows how to walk you through the minefield you are facing – one step at a time if you will only call upon Him, listen and obey. Some of us went our own way for a very long time in our own stiff necked pride before we sought and yielded to His wisdom.

    I am personally walking through some challenges at the moment. But because I KNOW the faithfulness of  God in the hard places of life I choose to believe according to Jeremiah 29:11-13 (As you read this Scripture take it as God speaking directly to you and your circumstances). ‘For I know the plans I have for you’, declares the Lord, ‘plans to prosper you and not harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. THEN you will seek Me and I will listen. You will seek Me and find Me when you seek Me with all your heart’.

    A Scripture that has ministered to me in recent times is Psalm 27: 13,14 I would have lost heart unless I had BELIEVED, that I would see the goodness of God in the land of the living! WAIT on the Lord; be of good courage and HE SHALL STRENGTHEN your heart. WAIT, I say, on the Lord!’

    That amazing word ‘believe’ has many powerful connotations. Some meanings are: to be firm, stable, established, firmly persuaded, consider trustworthy.


    One night recently when I couldn’t sleep and was pondering on a situation which was too big for me and for which I saw no answer, an old southern country Gospel song came to mind. I believe these following lyrics will be very meaningful to so many of you too. (You can listen to it on YouTube) It’s call ‘He’ll Make a Way by the Crabb Family.

    After playing this through a few times, all the weight lifted off me. I went back to bed and slept soundly. There most surely is a way through IF we’ll trust in Him implicitly. It might be a solution you never dreamed possible – right outside of your natural ability but that inspiration will be accompanied by deep peace. Suddenly you’ll ‘know in your knower’ that you have a solution

    Fresh hope will spring up in your heart and mind as you read and reread this letter and the wonderful daily encouragement contained in the little booklet ‘Word For Today’.

    It is my prayer for you that the pressures, the weights and seemingly impossible trials you’ve been enduring for a long time will ‘LIFT OFF’ and answers will come as you make a committed decision to BELIEVE.


    When we come to that place that acknowledges, ‘Lord I cant do this, I’ve given it my very best shot, it’s not working. I make a decision right now to let go and believe, let You handle it Your way’.


    Pastor Liz Howland (formerly Liz Collins of “Wandilla”, Marlborough) Liz was born into a pioneering Central Queensland rural family. Her passion is to see our Nation come to the life transforming knowledge of Jesus Christ, to convey the message that God’s life giving Word, (the Bible) is as relevant today as it was 2000 years ago, and how to practically apply God’s principles in everyday life.

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